Automatically add Subtitles to your Videos

Automatically Split your transcript into subtittle with customization options, using our Interactive Editor.

Fast, accurate, and affordable.


It’s one thing to transcribe. It’s an entirely different thing for that transcript to be clearly understood by your target market. And that’s the beauty of Vidscripto.

Subtitle Customization

Vidscripto makes it easy for you to customize your subtitles to look the way you want. Easily adjust font type, size, color, position, and background to match your Video.


Enhance Video clarity

Adding subtitles to your video can add lucidity to content including specialized language, industry language or organization’s/person’s names.

This is why Vidscripto stands shoulder-high in providing subtitles for your videos to help your viewer retain information more easily by providing not only an audio but also a visual boost.

Watch Videos in Sound-Sensitive Environments

Vidscripto gives you an advantage. With the AI subtitle VidScripto provide, your viewers can watch your videos in places where audio is not good to be heard. 

The subtitles will replace the speech when the sound of your video is muted. It also allows viewers to enjoy your videos on silent in quiet environments like an office, library, or private areas where silence is a requirement.

Automated video transcription And Translation In 30+ Different Languages And Voices.

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